hello girls and boys,

Take the Vegetable Challenge –

Is your toddler afraid of vegetables on a plate, I have had great success with teaching mine how to eat out of the garden.  Simply showing my daughter that she can eat the basil, chives, peas, and baby leek spouts – her favorites.  Living in the midwest however has posed a challenge; dormant earth of a frozen soil.  So, we have taken the garden inside our sunniest window.  Look for edible, child friendly plants in the produce isle of your locale grocery store.  Plant some seeds with your toddler, and watch life take form in the middle of winter.  No more worries that your child will not share a salad with lemon or ranch dressings, simply allowing them to graze from the window garden can proves to be fun, highly fresh, nutritious, and most importantly teaches them where their food actually comes from.  Have fun and enjoy!